Haitian Poem

This poem is about the hard life in Haiti and how different it is there from here.  It is still evident in this poem that it is rough in Haiti, and it will take a long time for things to get better for the Haitians.  The only way to understand this poem is to realize that Haiti is a prominently poor country and crops do not grow easily in the soil there.  That is one reason for the country taking so long to recover from the devastations that have happened there.  “They say human blood enriches soil…” (first two stanzas) the reason the poet mentions that, is to emphasize the fact that, yes there are an unreasonable amount to deaths in Haiti.  Then it goes on to say that, “if that were true my friends how rice millet and corn would thrive…” (lines 6-10) This shows that the saying is clearly inaccurate.

To read the Poem visit: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/01/poems-from-haiti-translated-byy-merete-mueller-with-dominique-herard/


The Horrible Haiti Earthquake

Haiti’s massive earthquake could be the world’s most devastating natural disaster since World War II in relation to the country’s size and economy, causing as much as $14 billion in damage, according to a study released Tuesday by the Inter-American Development Bank. In the poem it says: A poor and desolate land with no means of help (THHE, par. 2). Haiti is the place where everyone is still waiting for some one’s help. People have lost their houses, their jobs, children and everything else for a life. Some say Haiti may rebuild into a great place but others say it will never survive (THHE, par. 3). Haiti was ruined terribly that there is almost no hope for the betterment as we look over the situation.  Haiti was ruined after the earthquake. The people of Haiti are getting some aid but not enough that’s needed. The earthquake stroked the poorest of places which was quite unfortunate. The Haiti earthquake was a catastrophe that disturbed the whole world. Haiti has long played the dark shadow to the bright sunlight. Optimism over Haiti’s impending renaissance has been subsumed beneath the horrors of the earthquake, which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and millions of displacements.

Jasper Rose