Reflection on Haitians

        Learning about Haiti has made us feel sad and sympathetic for them, but also hopeful. I think the people of Haiti will try very hard, with support from many people and countries, to rebuild their country better than before. Many people were killed in the earthquake, but many people from other places have volunteered time and money to help. The Haitians are people who have suffered lots  Even today, Haitian workers in the Dominican Republic are treated inhumanely. As brutal dictators, corrupt governments and horrific social conditions have rocked their home nation, there is still some hope of development. Many countries are working together to make Haiti a better place. Before doing this project we saw the Haitian people as victims. Whenever, a person thinks about Haiti or hears about it, they only think about the sad parts of it. They just know that Haiti as a country struck by poverty, where people are dying from hunger, poverty and cruelty. The single story has a lot of dangers, it can lead you in a positive way or a negative way of thinking. The stories are important and powerful. They can open our eyes, or act as blindfolds. The single story of Haiti has mostly leaded us to the bad part of it. We found that the Haiti is not only a horrible place but it is also a place where people are strong. They are fighting for their rights and they are succeeding. We need to put an end to Haiti’s single story and allow people to make their own opinions about Haiti.


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