Annika, Hira, Ryan, Miles

Ms. Nation

Honors English 2

11 March 2013

Single Story of Haiti

When people think about Haiti people usually think of poverty, disease, and tragedy. The earthquake that struck Haiti not only affected them, but the entire world. The earthquake was 7.0 magnitude earthquake and completely devastated Haiti. The Earthquake occurred on January 12, 2010 and about 220,000 people died. Helping Haiti recover was a worldwide effort, even the biggest celebrities around the world came together and made a music video to gain support for helping Haiti. This Earthquake occurred three years ago but that is still all people think of when they see or hear the word Haiti. They are just considered the island that was poor and a sad place before the earthquake and are thought of the same after the earthquake.

Media is the biggest cause of having only one story. The only things we hear on the radio or see on television are the bad things. In some cases, the only things you hear are stereotypes, or how the earthquake destroyed everything. In the case of Haitians, it’s the story of the earthquake and the poverty that it caused. The only things we saw on television were scenes and images of wrecked buildings and hungry people with no homes. We didn’t see any prosperity or happiness, only despair. The earthquake may have caused tons of damage, but it should not be the only thing we know.

The Haiti earthquake disturbed the whole world. Everyone can still recall the earthquake but no one knows the steps that were taken to better Haiti after the earthquake. Everyone has only one story or one point of view. The dangers of a single story about Haiti earthquake are very common.

 After getting the true information about what really happened, we will find out the dangers of a single point of view about Haiti residents. Stories are important and powerful. They can open our eyes, or act as blindfolds. Throughout this project we will learn how, when, why, and by whom stories are told shapes our world view.


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